One Way Jesus Ministries

Jesus told him, "I am the way,
the truth, and the life.  No one
can come to the Father except
through Me." - John 14:6

Calvary Cross
Welcome Friend!
We have been expecting YOU!

We know you didn't come to see us.
  You came for one reason and that reason is

 Jesus Christ!

    About Us!    

Welcome to One Way Jesus Ministries!  We are here to spread the Good News about God's
Son Jesus Christ
.  It is no accident that you came to visit us today.  Jesus Christ is knocking at
the door of your heart and He is waiting for you to answer.  He will come to you wherever you
are at.  For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.  Jesus Christ wants
you to open your heart to Him now, so He can set you free from sin and become your Savior
and Lord.

What's Google Translate?
To our visitors whose mother tongue is not English, we want to try to help you view our site in
your mother tongue with help from Google Translate.  Select the language of your choice. 
There are 34 languages to choose from. 

  What's the "Jesus" film?
Watch the "Jesus" film online in your language NOW!  It's based on the Gospel of Luke from
God's Word, the Holy Bible.  It's one of the most effective evangelistic tools ever invented.
Billions of people from all over the world have watched it.  Have you watched it?   To watch the
"Jesus" film just click on the banner below.
Watch the

What's God's Word?
God's Word, the Holy Bible, did not originate with human beings.  Rather, human beings were
the channel through whom God delivered His Word.  The Holy Bible itself is a mere instrument,
and its purpose is to point us to the living person of Jesus ChristJesus Christ is the answer to
all our needs.

What's God's Good News?
Good News is news that is kind, profitable, excellent, morally right, and praiseworthy.  God's
Good News
is the testimony about Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Son of GodClick on
God's Good News for further information!

Our Vision is to equip and encourage faithful, available, teachable people by using God's Word
and other tools that coincide with God's Word.   To equip those who want to pursue a greater level
of commitment to Jesus Christ becoming more and more like Him by following His example to serve
others, reaching out to their community and changing the lives of people.